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ALOFTAirborne Light Optical Fibre Technology
ALOFTA Local Organic Farmland Trust (San Diego, CA)
ALOFTAirborne Light Optical Fiber Technology/Transmission
ALOFTA Language Oriented to Flight Engineering & Testing
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Verily, he who here towered aloft his thoughts in stone, knew as well as the wisest ones about the secret of life!
"I saw him, and whirling the Watcher aloft, I smote with all my strength.
The moon shone full upon the face of the stone Witch who sits aloft forever.
I saw a light--perchance, Umslopogaas, it was the light of the moon, shining upon him that sat aloft at the end of the cave.
In the light baffling airs the schooner had been tacking about a great deal, at which times the sails pass from one side to the other and a man is sent aloft to shift over the fore- gaff-topsail.
It was probably the first time he had been aloft in his life.
All hands were on deck now, and all eyes were aloft, where a human life was at grapples with death.
She with stately steps proudly advances over the field: aloft she bears her towering head, filled with conceit of her own pre-eminence, and schemes to effect her intended discovery.
'There's a sweet little cherub that sits up aloft, To look out for the life of poor Jack.'
You see them perched aloft among the immovable boughs of the majestic bread-fruit trees, or gently swaying on the elastic branches of the Omoo; skimming over the palmetto thatching of the bamboo huts; passing like spirits on the wing through the shadows of the grove, and sometimes descending into the bosom of the valley in gleaming flights from the mountains.
On each side of the archery range were rows upon rows of seats reaching high aloft, and in the center of the north side was a raised dais for the King and Queen, shaded by canvas of gay colors, and hung about with streaming silken pennants of red and blue and green and white.
So Sir Hugh spoke, and when he had done all the archers waved their bows aloft and shouted.