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In addition, a population age frequency was also established by generating the estimated ages from all measured shell lengths using the ALOG growth curve (see subsequent section) for comparison with the one generated from the age-length key.
Equinix holds the controlling interest and sits on the board of directors of ALOG through an agreement brokered in 2011 to extend Platform Equinix to South America.
Special thanks also to David Felts for his extraordinary assistance in the production of this issue; to Nina Di Leo for maintaining our Web site; to Sandra Wood for administrative assistance; to Sandra Heinold for grammat(alog)ical support; and to UHV, for providing financial support to our editorial office and staff.
ALOG (Artificial LOg Generator) is a Microsoft Excel[R]-based computer program that was developed to accurately generate random, artificial log data and to serve as an alternative to using a log database.
Whether this new and rather exciting album from the two Norwegian musicians who make up Alog sounds like jazz or some sort of random collection of noises depends very much on the listener's inclination.
ALOG into Outlook Express and go to Tools, Accounts, Mail, then select your email account and choose Properties.
Some of the more unusual scorings are noted by Ruhnke (51: F3, G7; 55: Cl, D16, F11), but for most works he describes the string complement simply as "Streicher," which to many users of the cat- alog will imply the standard four-part en.semble of two violins, viola, and bass.
While that scheme is certainly easy, foolproof, and fast (usually thanks to the assembly language coding of the ALOG function), the corrected Algorithm EA is quite competitive and should be considered.
(1) [Alpha] is defined as log[m.sub.93] - alog.m.sub.92] - blog[m.sub.91], where the [m.sub.t] terms are the geometric mean incomes of the age cohort at year t.