ALOHAmerican Legion of Honor
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Steve added: "Aloh is a semiprofessional footballer and is a gentle giant but life there is hard and it's a very poor area.
Again after some months, the ruling NPF allegedly convinced 4 sitting Congress MLAs - Kejong Chang, Azheto Zhimomi, Aloh and Deo Nukhu - to resign from the Membership of the Assembly and face by-elections on NPF tickets.
Aloh, a migrant from Batang Ai, which I developed into an oil palm smallholding, and moved my family there.
The message of God being in the closest protective proximity to Jacob and his offspring is invested with greater immediacy and conviction by the employment of the Anokhi attribute: 'Anokhi eired imkha mitzraimah v'Anokhi a'alkha gam aloh [I (Anokhi) will go down with you to Egypt, and I (Anokhi) will surely bring you up again]' (Gen.
Much of this information is acquired, processed, and disseminated through the university library which has been variously described as "the heart of the institution" (Aloh 1988), "a place where books and users interact together for the transmission of civilization and cultivation of human beings" (Adelabu 1973), and "the most important resource in the pursuit of the general goals and objectives of the institution of higher learning" (Nwosu, 2000).
Allophanes have a very high specific surface area (600-800 [m.sup.2]/g) and water molecules can occupy the interior of the aliophane spherules as well as being adsorbed onto the outer AlOH surface (Rousseaux and Warkentin 1976; Parfitt 1990; Regalado 2006).
A teenage boy, Aloh Stephen, was on Tuesday brought before a Kubwa Grade 1 Area Court in Abuja for allegedly attacking a man, Odey Simon, with broken bottle.
The text of her speech was read out by YPM deputy chairman Maslina Aloh.
The structural charge exists in-between the octahedral sheets and is permanent while the surface charge depends on the hydrolysis of Si-OH and AlOH bonds along the surface of the clay structure and is pH dependent.
It should be mentioned that the weak Bronsted acid sites are possibly AlOH groups on extra-lattice regenerated by dealumination during calcination steps or SiOH groups of hydroxyl nests formed by the same process.