ALOLA Life Once Lost (band)
ALOLActually Laugh(ed) Out Loud
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were sent grain in 26 sacks but those were looted at gunpoint in Alol. Nyok urges all Lakes state youth to avoid inter-clan clashes and she
villages neighboring Wulu that include Markebele and Alol. According
(14) Full listing of case suffixes and postpositions Case suffixes Postpositions -nak/-nek dative alatt, alol, ala 'under' -ban/-ben 'in' mogott, mogul, moge 'behind' -bol/-bol 'into' elott, elol, ele 'in front of' -on/-en/-on 'on' felett, felol, fele 'above' -rol/-rol 'from' kozott, kozul, koze 'between' -ra/-re 'onto' mellett, mellol, melle 'besides' -na/-nel 'at' helyett 'instead of' -tol/-tol 'from' miatt 'because of' -hoz/-hez/-hoz 'to' nelkul 'without' -val/-vel 'with' szerint 'according to' irant 'towards'
The cycle "Tudositas a kes alol" (Communication from under the knife) deals with Orban's near-miraculous recovery from a debilitating illness, a particularly severe form of Parkinson's disease that had semiparalyzed the poet for a number of years.