ALOMOA Lifetime of Missed Opportunities (British rock group)
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The new company features Thames Television (including SelecTV production units Alomo Production, Witzend Productions and Clement La Frenais Productions) and the production arms of Grundy Worldwide and ACI.
It began by creating a herbal remedy, Alomo Bitters, that not only claimed to cure malaria but also help men's sexual performance!
The company's ambitious goals are reflected in the philosophy of its parent company, SelecTV, the holding group of four production houses: Alomo Productions, Clement La Frenais Productions, Witzend Productions and Witzend, Inc.
ITV chiefs hope Cnut, created by Alomo Productions, will be every bit as popular with viewers as snivelling virgin Richie Rich in Bottom, amoral politician B'Stard or pathetic student Rick in The Young Ones.
Langton, Artificial Life: the proceedings of an interdisciplinary Workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems, held September, 1987 in Los Alomos, New Mexico (Redwood City, Cal.: Addison-Wesley, 1989); Brian W.
Danny Stillman, a retired employee of the Los Alomos National Laboratory in New Mexico, is being taken to the Appeals Court by the US government over his book about China's nuclear weapons programme.