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ALONAluminum Oxynitride (Raytheon Company)
AlONAluminium Oxynitride (transparent ceramic)
ALONAirline Liaison Officer Network (UK Home Office; immigration documentation checks)
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The related materials for both conferences will be available beginning the morning of December 1, 2015 on the Investor Relations section of the Alon USA Energy website at http://ir.
Alon Energy and Alon Partners say that move of acquiring the Krotz Springs refinery will allow Alon Partners to diversify through crude slates, end products, customers and geographic locations, lower Alon Partners' reliance on a single asset and simplify Alon Energy's corporate and capital structure.
Use your senses to discover connections throughout your entire body," Alon intones.
The pipeline system has been operated by Alon and its predecessor, Fina, for 20 years under long-term lease arrangements but now reverts to Alon's control.
Shlomo Alon, who has served on the Board since 2001, and Mr.
Alon owns 100% of the general partner and approximately 82% of the limited partner interests in Alon USA Partners, LP (NYSE: ALDW), which owns a crude oil refinery in Big Spring, Texas with a crude oil throughput capacity of 73,000 barrels per day.
Jon Lanphier, president of CBC commented, "Teaming with Alon USA aligns perfectly with the C-Buying growth strategy and our best-in-class supplier partnerships.
Live via phone by dialing 877-404-9648, or 412-902-0030 for international callers, and asking for the Alon Partners call at least 10 minutes prior to the start time.
The related meeting materials will be available beginning the morning of August 20, 2015 on the Alon Partners website at www.
We selected The Principal for our retirement plan services because of the tremendous efficiencies gained by streamlining multiple services with one service provider," said Eric Nystrom, manager, benefits and payroll at ALON USA.