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ALOSAdvanced Land Observing Satellite (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
ALOSAverage Length Of Stay
ALOSAdelaide Legal Outreach Service (Australia)
ALOSAlternate Lighting of Surfaces
ALOSAttenuated Line of Sight
ALOSAntibiotic Length of Stay (medical treatment)
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Heterochromia causes total blindness in humans, but Alos does not feel irritated with it and is very active and energetic.
Alos and his owner live in Turkey and has 9,500 followers on Instagram.
A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that the IS militants attacked Alos from both directions north and west, and they were confronted by police forces in collaboration with the sons of the tribes in the region.
ERS-2 and Envisat interferograms have temporal baseline of 35 days while ALOS interferogram from 2008 shows deformations within 46 days.
To allow comparing between interferograms created from data of different wavelengths, the ALOS interferogram phase values were recomputed (and wrapped to dimensions of -[pi];[pi])to the scale of ERS/Envisat using a simple formula:
We replicate the effect of ALOS on ACH rates in a patient-level simulation of a system of HHAs similar to Medicare agencies; and
We use the simulation to show that measuring ACH against a fixed time interval following hospital discharge is not ALOS biased.
The authors recognize the crude problematic nature of ALOS as a surrogate performance indicator.
Jessie Marie Alos was a political neophyte when she ran in 1995.
The ALOS, program components, and discharge disposition are all influenced by the HMO case manager.
For the year 1989, they experienced hospitalization indices of 573 days/1,000, 125 admissions/1,000 and a ALOS of 4.
6 days in 2002 and through the six months ended June 30, 2004 ALOS was 5.