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ALOTApple Library of Tomorrow (Apple, Inc.)
ALOTAdaptive Large Optics Technologies
ALOTAirborne Lightweight Optical Tracking
ALOTMaybe you're looking for the two word phrase 'a lot' meaning many?
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The release notes that Inuvo intends to launch several more websites centering on the Alot brand.
I learnt alot on the last tour, a r nd playing a to theatre r crow r ds who are r just there t r o see you.
Alots Lim Varona posted a photo of herself with her mum on facebook and wrote: "Mama, we miss you.
Cosgrave, a last-minute deputy for Tony Culhane who did not arrive in time as a result of the races at Redcar being put back 20 minutes, produced Cry Alot Boy with a sustained run to lead inside the final furlong and go two lengths clear of Nbhan.
We will once again have to be at our very best, but we are also playing with alot of confidence and it promises to be good game.
I find I learn alot more when I'm back at home, and when I'm down in the States I'm out trying to get the job done and shoot photos and stuff.
The addition of the new display ad unit replaces the prior single display ad unit on the alOt homepage with dual side by side display ad units and has initially delivered revenue growth of over 26% when comparing the first 14-days since rollout to the prior 14 day period.
We decided to further penetrate the South American market based on our Company's success with the alOt Appbar in Brazil, which has a total of 1.
We have learnt alot from the two floods and we now have a good idea of how we can improve our emergency reactions to stop alot of the problems happening again.
I went to Utah, Colorado, Florida, Sacwaya, Bahamas, Mamoth, Yellow stone, Tiawan and Sandiago and alot of other ones sometimes.
The continued rapid growth in our live user base for the ALOT products strengthens our entire business as we look to achieve quarter-on-quarter financial growth in 2012," stated Peter Corrao, Chief Executive Officer of Inuvo.
Of course we need to talk to alot more people and this would all cost alot of money.