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ALOWAutomatic Low Altitude Warning
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SMART[bar] The dashboard has been well thought out LOOKS[bar] Alow waistline means all-round visibility is excellent for the driver
To be certified as alow emission vehicle by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, vehicles need not only to meet Japan's 2009 emission standard (the world's most stringent) but also reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions by at least a further 10 percent.
With tria DO With Murphy on trial and Eoin Doyle, Garry O'Connor and Leigh Griffiths already at the club, Fenlon will alow Akpo Sodje to leave.
Developed for use in conjunction with Unifill prefilled syringes, Unifill Auto-Injectors are compact in size and alow patients to inject a fixed dose of medication with the simple push of a button, without ever seeing the needle.
Alow dose of psychotropic--usually quetiapine--proved effective in controlling delirium; in acute and severe cases, low-dose IV haloperidol helped control agitation and psychosis.
ALOW crime rate is key to a decent quality of life and one of the many pleasures of living in North Wales is that we are cursed with far less criminal activity here than elsewhere.
The lube-for-life drive, which is backed by Key's industry-leading five-year warranty, provides trouble free operation and can be used with different pans to keep running year after year, delivering alow cost of ownership.
Because they are not committed and interested in bringing peace to our people, the SPLA forces on Sunday at 6.00am staged two attacks on our two bases in Alow and Patai, resulting in a number of their soldiers being killed", said Puok.
Summary: Delay will alow company to formulate new plan.
ALow interest rates are bad for savers, but good for borrowers, and you can get some historically low rates right now.
However, Barnet equalised in the 19th minute when O'Flynn fired alow drive into the bottom corner from the edge of the area following Adam Birchall's cross.
Alow renewal rate likely indicates that there are quite a few licensed phlebotomists who cheated their way through the system and are unable to find jobs as phlebotomists and, therefore, decided not to renew.