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ALPACAutomatic Language Processing Advisory Committee
ALPACAquaculture Lease Program Advisory Committee (New York)
ALPACAustrian Lobbying and Public Affairs Council (Vienna, Austria)
ALPACAtlantic Large Pelagics Advisory Committee (Canada)
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Despite his concern that Viggers, as a disgruntled employee, might commit some act for which ALPAC may be held liable, Pacha waited 20 days after receiving the second email before requesting a meeting with university employees to discuss Viggers.
ALPAC was one of nearly 70 recipients named by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board.
1] See Hutchins (Hutchins 1996) for an enlightening description of the most frequent misinterpretations and misleading circumstances related to the ALPAC report.
Sin embargo, una decada despues en los Estados Unidos, tras la euforia inicial, el informe presentado por el comite ALPAC (Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee), creado para evaluar la viabilidad de los sistemas TA, dejo practicamente sin piso el futuro de la TA, al presentarla como una opcion costosa e ineficiente.