ALPCAdvanced Local Procedure Call (Microsoft)
ALPCArming Loading Point Commander (UK)
ALPCAgricultural Land Preservation Commission (Rhode Island)
ALPCArkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission
ALPCAmerican League of Physical Culture (nudist organization)
ALPCAll-night Light and Power Company
ALPCAdaptive Link Power Control
ALPCArgon Laser Photocoagulation
ALPCArrow Lakes Power Corporation
ALPCArmy Logistics Policy Council
ALPCAdaptive Linear Predictive Coding
ALPCArmed Landing Point Commander (British Army Air Corps)
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As shown in Figure 3(b), after applying the ALPC operation, the wrap around of the Doppler centroid corresponding to line 1 disappears.
Figure 9(a) shows the result obtained by the two-step processing approach with integrated the ALPC [5].
In Table 1, the results of the analysis performed indicate that the means ALPC (Arable Land Per Capita) varied significantly from 1980 to 2000 (p = .
Being the only limb fitting centre in the Gaza Strip, the ALPC has to respond to the entire demand for artificial limbs.
Les ALPC comprennent aussi bien les armes " lE[umlaut]gE res ", employE[umlaut]es par un petit groupe de personnes et transportE[umlaut]es par un vE[umlaut]hicule lE[umlaut]ger, comme la mitrailleuse lourde ou le lance-grenades, que les armes de petit calibre individuelles comme les revolvers, les fusils, ou les mitraillettes.