ALPCArkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission
ALPCAll-night Light and Power Company
ALPCAdaptive Link Power Control
ALPCArgon Laser Photocoagulation
ALPCArrow Lakes Power Corporation
ALPCArmy Logistics Policy Council
ALPCAdaptive Linear Predictive Coding
ALPCArmed Landing Point Commander (British Army Air Corps)
ALPCAdvanced Local Procedure Call (Microsoft)
ALPCAmerican League of Physical Culture (nudist organization)
ALPCAgricultural Land Preservation Commission (Rhode Island)
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5 million a year ago as the Company sold ALPC on August 31, 2006.
ALPC is a Folio Publisher, Folio Business Partner and a LaserFiche Reseller.
ALPC is engaged in providing information services to over 1,000 municipal and county governments.
Construction of the air separation plant, which will be handled by ALPC, will begin in August 1996.
Allmerica P & C") (NASDAQ: ALPC, formerly NASDAQ: HINS), a national property and casualty insurance holding company whose most significant business holdings are The Hanover Insurance Company ("Hanover") and Citizens Insurance Company of America ("Citizens"), today reported net income for the year ended Dec.
ALPC (whose units are rated AA by Standard & Poor's) is among the 40 largest U.