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Yi Li, shared a brief history of ALPD laser technology development during a CinemaCon press conference.
CFG Appo leads the cinema world into the laser age The Chinese film industry is leading the transformation into ALPD laser technology and CFG has been in the forefront of adopting the ALPD laser projectors, thereby giving the Chinese movie goers a head start, who have already enjoyed the crispy images of laser light source for a year.
During 2015 CFG Appo plans to make retrofit installations at 300 ALPD laser light modules at selected cinema screens nationwide in China and in 2016, it plans to substantially expand the installation of ALPD laser technology to 3000 screens worldwide.
The cinema industry experts present at CinemaCon were very impressed by the ALPD laser project or demonstration, one expert stated that, "ALPD laser technology is truly a disruptive force for the projector light source, and it outdates other projection light source in just a blink of eye.