ALPMAnterior Lateral Plate Mesoderm
ALPMAdaptive Lagrangian Particle Method
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24" 27 de abril de 1954, ALPM, volumen Documentos y Circulares 1953-1954, p.3.
Single head ALPM were predominantly flat topped and mammillated types in the present study while in the other study, (8) the predominant shape was conical and mammillated (Table 5).
ALPM has been described as arising from the anterolateral free wall of left ventricle.
Protrusion of ALPM bellies into ventricular cavity was mixed type in 73.3% of cases as compared to 33% in the study by Victor and Nayak.
(12) The findings of the present study are also the same as the mean length of ALPM was 24.55 mm and that of PMPM was 19.71 mm.
Mean length of ALPM was more as compared to that of posteromedial papillary muscle.