ALPMAnterior Lateral Plate Mesoderm
ALPMAdaptive Lagrangian Particle Method
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Protrusion of ALPM bellies into ventricular cavity was mixed type in 73.
12) The findings of the present study are also the same as the mean length of ALPM was 24.
Mean length of ALPM was more as compared to that of posteromedial papillary muscle.
The primary tasks required at Mission were revision of existing PM checklists, facility modifications, ALPM Station setup, and crew selection.
The new checklists were also designed so that each ALPM crew member had specific responsibilities and accountability.
Many of these items were already on site but are issued from a tool crib, which would be unproductive considering the tight scheduling involved with ALPM.
Upper management chose to include operators as a part of the ALPM team.
To accommodate the fleet size, two ALPM crews work day and swing shifts Monday through Friday.
Crew selection for the ALPM team was done by seniority on a volunteer basis.
Initial results of the ALPM system are encouraging, even at this early stage of the program.
Our daily work schedule went into effect as part of the ALPM system.
Fred Lopez was responsible for PM activities prior to becoming involved with the ALPM system now in place.