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ALPOAssociation of Lunar and Planetary Observers
ALPOAllegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
ALPOAlpha Phi Omega (service fraternity)
ALPOAssistant Leading Petty Officer
ALPOAir-Land Project Officer
ALPOAir-Land Programs Office
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ALPO founded the factory in 1936 to make pet food and moved operations to their current site in 1958.
The variation in the framework starting from the AlPO molecular sieves and leading to MeAPSO-34 catalyst is illustrated in Figure 3 (i.e., AlPO [right arrow] SAPO [right arrow] MeAPSO).
Cecelia McCaskey of Waynesboro won one million dollars in the Alpo food contest.
Mushrooms are "screamers", a slice of pepperoni is a "flyer", sausage is called "alpo" and anyone - including men - can get PMS on theirs to go.
To celebrate a more common sense approach to pooch pampering and share its mission to let "dogs be dogs," Alpo is launching a national contest for dog owners to share their stories about their favorite "real dog" behaviors, such as rolling in the mud, drooling for dinner or chasing a ball.
Over 279 pet brands were contaminated, however 'Iams' (20.3%) was the most affected, followed by 'Special kitty' (13.7%), 'Nutro' (11.4%), 'O1 Roy' (9.8%), 'Purina' (4.7%), 'Alpo' (4.4%) and others (34.6%).
The stickiness factor sort of scampers off the charts eventually, as all the love of dogs and children is heaped upon the audience like a Dumpster full of Alpo. Though their characters are vile, Kudrow and Dillon provide at least a scoop of unpleasantness, and the early shots of a dog pound look like outtakes from an MSNBC prison series.
Nestle, for example (though not involved in the recall), owns Alpo, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Mighty Dog and Purina One.
Then, in 2004, it seemed that Congress might opt for a better strategy by giving the Food and Drug Administration -- which already scrutinized everything from aspirin to Alpo -- the authority to regulate tobacco products.
Since then, the Forklift Safety Rodeo has become an annual event hosted by the Alliance Logistics Professionals Organization (ALPO), an organization of logistics managers from the many companies that operate distribution centers at AllianceTexas.
He recalls driving to Allentown, Pa., in 1966 to eat Alpo Dog Food on Thanksgiving Day to protest the fact that America's dogs ate better than many of the world's children.
Even if social security is solvent during my lifetime, I still prefer steak to Alpo, but that is another subject.