ALPPAlkaline Phosphatase, Placental
ALPPAbdominal Leak Point Pressure (urinary incontinence)
ALPPAwami League Parliamentary Party (Bangladesh)
ALPPAIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
ALPPAgricultural Land Preservation Policy (Pennsylvania)
ALPPAtrophic Large-Plaque Parapsoriasis (dermatology)
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ALPP is an acquisition event tracking tool to monitor progress of preparatory support actions when the Navy acquires new weapon systems.
In addition, the ALPP of the recipient line differed from that of the donors at a single amino acid.
* Incompetent urethral closure mechanism is leakage observed during ALPP or during activities that raise the intraabdominal pressure.
[4] Human genes: PLOD1, procollagen-lysine,2-oxoglutarate 5-dioxygenase 1; ALPI, alkaline phosphatase, intestinal; ALPL, alkaline phosphatase, liver/bone/kidney; ALPP, alkaline phosphatase, placental; ALPPL2, alkaline phosphatase, placental like 2.
Under the ALPP taxpayers could not transfer their development rights until (1) the density sending plat and the density receiving plat were approved by Howard County, (2) an easement was placed on Rose Hill to restrict future development, and (3) all three documents were recorded in the county land records.
Under the ALPP, the county can acquire land preservation easements in three ways.
Waardenburg syndrome (WS) type I is caused by defects at multiple loci, one of which is near ALPP on chromosome 2: First report of the WS consortium.
(OTCQB: ALPP), has signed a contract with the Future Automotive Group, and its Future Ford of Sacramento and Future Ford of Roseville dealerships.
US-based technology holding company Alpine 4 Technologies (OTC: ALPP) has entered into a letter of intent to acquire all of the outstanding securities of US-based inmate management and communications solutions provider Lattice Inc.
(OTCQB: ALPP), has completed its 90 day pilot with Phoenix, Arizona-based Earnhardt Auto Centres for its sixth Sense Auto product platform.
Alpine 4 (OTCQB: ALPP) subsidiary Quality Circuit Assembly (QCA) has been awarded a 3 year-year production contract from a French aerospace parts manufacturer to serve the needs of the one of the world's largest commercial airlines, the company said.