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ALPRAdvanced Lotus Password Recovery (software)
ALPRAdvanced License Plate Recognition
ALPRArgonne Low Power Reactor
ALPRAfrican-American Law and Policy Report (journal)
ALPRAutomatic License Plate Recognition
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The integration of ALPR functionality offers Toughbook Arbitrator users a more powerful policing tool at a fraction of the cost of multi-camera license plate recognition systems.
Today, strict federal law C the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) C already restricts law enforcement from linking anonymous ALPR data to personally-identifiable information ONLY when there are specific legal, permissible purposes.
No one disputes that ALPRs have been shown to be an effective, and cost-effective, crime-fighting tool.
The enhanced complete Motorola ALPR solution includes the new Slate cameras, Motorola's MW810 Mobile Workstation, the ALPR expansion board for the MW810, PAGIS in-vehicle software that interoperates with the cameras to capture and read license plates, and BOSS back-end software that aggregates information from multiple ALPR systems to enhance intelligence capabilities.
With more than 20 years of invaluable experience in the ALPR industry, INEX/ZAMIR recognizes the value and importance of providing solutions with superior accuracy and unparalleled dependability.
The ALPR solution, integrated by Federal Signal, uses sophisticated algorithms to translate plate images into text to instantaneously cross-reference against a local and state database.
In Oklahoma, insurance companies have helped police departments buy ALPR systems to improve the recovery rate of stolen vehicles and to identify vehicles that are uninsured.
ALPR can be considered a kind of computerized and automated closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system.
Integrates all of Motorola's ALPR advantages in a discreet platform that can be deployed in a strategic location for hours or days
The Federal Signal PIPS intelligent transportation ALPR system is part of Federal Signal's global Public Safety Systems industry platform.
AutoVu Pay-by-Plate Sync enables the integration of permit management systems, pay stations and pay-by-phone solutions with AutoVu ALPR, allowing customers to move to pay-by-plate parking at their own pace.
INEX/ZAMIR, a global provider of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems, announced their having been granted the Software House Connected Program certification for the successful integration of the Insignia ALPR solution to C-CURE 9000 access control system.