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ALPUAuxiliary Lightning Protection Unit (antenna protection)
ALPUArtificial Limb Production Unit (Bangladesh)
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This is a descriptive study conducted between March 1 and April 29 2011 on married women aged 15-49 years and residing in the town center of Mahmudiye and Alpu the two districts of the province Eskisehir.
Prevalance, risk factors and effects on life quality of urinary incontinence among 18 years or older women living in Alpu district of Eskisehir: a population based study.
(74) The other lexical fragment from Aphek preserves remnants of two columns, logograms to the left and syllabic spellings of words that could be either Canaanite or Akkadian (e.g., alpu) to the right, written on a tablet only one side of which had been prepared as a writing surface; its left portion had apparently been broken off in antiquity and the resultant edge smoothed, which suggested to Rainey, the tablet's editor, that it had been used as a school text.
ALPU POE series broadband communications protector (Mfg #1101-934).; 1 EA Belden 7919A 0101000); 100 EA Emerson network power, 8-pin RJ45 modular plug connectors for round shielded solid cable (MFG #32-5998-UL).
Pap smear screening among married women living in Osamangazi University ALPU training area.