ALRBAgricultural Labor Relations Board
ALRBAlberta Labour Relations Board (Canada)
ALRBArmy Lodging Review Board
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The "friend of the court" brief was filed in the California Court of Appeal for the Fifth District in Fresno in a proceeding challenging an ALRB decision (39 ALRB No.
Various factors can be adduced to explain the UFW's decline: unfriendly Republican-appointed ALRB members; the rising tide of undocumented workers from Mexico; and the declining clout of organized labour in the us in a deeply reactionary political climate.
The ALRB is here to assist farmworkers, and I look forward to these events that provide communities with increased access to our services," said General Counsel Torres-Guillen.
The Administrative Law Judge's decision is subject to review by the Board of the ALRB, who will ultimately determine the proper remedies for any violations that are found.
Not once in her complaint does the General Counsel mention that her staff asked for, and was given, unlimited access to speak to every Gerawan worker, so that the ALRB could explain to our workers their right to choose, without any influence from our company, the UFW, or the Board.
Lopez is also challenging the ALRB in court, suing individual board members including Genevieve Shiroma, Cathryn Rivera-Hernandez, and J.
Gerawan workers, their families and supporters will gather in front of the ALRB regional office in Visalia on Tuesday, Aug.
The Center for Worker Freedom has launched a statewide campaign designed to pressure California lawmakers to make the ALRB count the votes at Gerawan.
The ALRB should be counting the workers' ballots given that a majority of the workers, according to the ALRB itself, asked for the decertification election to be held.
Following the Board's dismissal of the first decertification petition, some 1,500 workers walked off the job - an unprecedented protest against the ALRB and the UFW.
challenged as "blatantly unconstitutional" a decision by the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (39 ALRB No.