ALREAircraft Launch & Recovery Equipment
ALREArizona Latino Research Enterprise (Phoenix, AZ)
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The ALRE flight-safe program is documented in NAVAIR Instruction 13800.
The three main elements of ALRE flight safe are: Special requirements for buying and inspecting critical safety parts, critical installation processes, and the design and development of new systems and service changes.
The first element pertains to the acquisition of ALRE safety critical parts or critical safety items (CSIs).
Each time a CSI component is used during maintenance of an ALRE system, the MIC marking now is recorded in block #35 of the MAF.
A critical ALRE installation process is any ALRE equipment installation process determined by NAVAIR Lakehurst engineering to be essential for safe ALRE system performance or operation.
The third element of ALRE flight safe deals with the design and development of new ALRE systems and service-change parts.
The V-2 division on a carrier, the group responsible for maintaining and operating the ALRE equipment, has the task of keeping the equipment in an operational-ready status.
To perform this ALRE function, the V-2 crew has a busy schedule assuring that all systems are operational.
One of the most common unscheduled maintenance avoidance techniques practiced by the ALRE community is to replace an item before it fails.
During the ALRE audit, several maintenance personnel cited the poor quality of the JBD modules provided by the supply system.
In the relatively finite ALRE community (200 members per ship and an approximate 100 percent turnover rate every four years) formal and informal networks pass on operational stories of the past from one crew to the next.
A substantial cost that often goes unnoticed to almost everyone but the ALRE sailor, is the cost of the labor to replace the modules.