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ALRIAcute Lower Respiratory Infection
ALRIAdult Literacy Resource Institute (Boston, MA)
ALRIAlberta Law Reform Institute (Canada)
ALRIAustralian Legal Resources International (Sydney, Australia)
ALRIApplied Lifescience Research Industries, Inc. (est. 2001)
ALRIAirborne Long Range Intercept
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While MLRWR had reasonable administration capacity for externally financed projects including ADB's financed projects, it should be confirmed during project preparation whether ALRI inherited the capacity from MLRWR.
The WHO definition of ALRI was used and all cases are graded into severe and very severe pneumonia.
As an aside, the actual role of rhinovirus and adenovirus in the pathogenesis of ALRI is unclear, as the two viruses are frequently found in healthy controls.
8 million new episodes of RSV-associated ALRI occurred worldwide in children younger than 5 years (22% of ALRI episodes), with at least 3.
To that end, the researchers calculated three estimates of RSV-associated ALRI fatalities to assess the upper and lower bounds, yielding the 66,000199,000 range.
The ALRI concluded that no right to opt out should be available in defendant class proceedings, as the opt out procedure places in the hands of defendants the power to bring to an end a class action, before the merits of the plaintiff's case are considered.
The major causes of death among hospitalized adults were ALRI, hepatitis, and tuberculosis.
Huntington's disease is a degenerative disease with autosomal dominant mode of transmission and presents with chorea, dementia, CT, ALRI which demonstrate caudate atrophy.
2014) to the kitchen concentrations derived from our model (Figure 2A), we estimated that ALRI relative risk for children < 5 years of age could be reduced from approximately 3 to 2 (corresponding to 75% exposure reduction relative to exclusive TSF usage) with indoor emissions tier 3 and 4 stoves displacing 86% and 77% TSF usage, respectively (Figure 3).
The mortality rates for ALRI were the highest in the Central provinces of Zambezia (282 per 1,000 people), Tete (238 per 1,000 people), and Cabo Delgado (225 per 1,000 people) (3).
15) See: Alberta Law Reform Institute, Enforcement of Money Judgments (Report), (Edmonton: ALRI, 1991), vol 1 at 3 [Alberta 1991 Report]; British Columbia 2005 Report, supra note 2 at 1.
However, this risk factor may work jointly or synergistically with others (such as undernutrition or HIV) to increase incidence and effects of diseases such as ALRI.