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'Another one is the Accelerated Lease Renewal Program (ALRP) which was put in place in 2015 for the purpose of creating revenue for the government.
Joe Craft, president and CEO of ALRP, told analysts during an April 29 conference call that domestic coal markets in general "continue to face stiff headwinds." With natural gas prices still in the range of $2.60/mmBtu, coal-to-gas switching has persisted and the result has been "extreme coal on coal competition," he said.
Comparatively speaking, ALRP's Q1 financial performance exceeded that of most of its competitors and Craft said his company was well-positioned to achieve its financial goals for the year, including growing cash flow again.
The ALRP index will account for travel time to the aquifer, aquifer position, and aquifer classification (sensitivity).
Advantages of ALRP. The ALRP index integrates NL with underground off-site factors, giving a combined estimate of the many factors needed in a nitrate-N leaching index.
Craft was his usual bullish self during an October 28 conference call with analysts to discuss earnings, proclaiming, "ALRP once again delivered growth in the 2013 quarter." Earnings increased to $56.1 million, up from $33.2 million a year earlier.
"The ability to deliver these exceptional results, especially in such challenging market conditions, speaks to the soundness of ALRP's strategy, the quality of our assets, and the hard work and dedication of our people," said Joseph Craft III, the company's president and CEO.
During the remainder of 2011, ALRP expects to fund $100 million to $115 million of its commitment to privately held White Oak, an upstart company formed three years ago by veteran coal industry official Mike Tracy after he left Alabama-based Drummond.
For ALRP, the White Oak partnership signals a departure of sorts from its tried-and-true mine investment strategy of growing production organically.
We remain optimistic our strategy of focusing on these expanding markets bodes well for ALRP's future growth prospects."