ALRSAdmiralty List of Radio Signals
ALRSAlerting Service (aviation)
ALRSApache Leap Research Site
ALRSArgos Large Rocket Ships (Advanced Rocketry Group of Switzerland)
ALRSAutomated Logistics Retrieval System
ALRSAlternate Launch & Recovery Surface
ALRSAutomatic Line Router Switch
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The ALRS is designed to assist flood-affected landowners and communities through funding for projects and services aimed at rehabilitating land and stream systems and providing protection for land and water ways from future floods.
Nominations have been assessed based on consideration of how the funding available under the ALRS can assist as many eligible projects as possible.
The ALRS complements other programs that have been put in place since the floods which includes $2.
The contract relates to the provision of air traffic services (ATC, FIS, ALRS and MET) at Kristianstad Airport, in accordance with EC Regulation 1035/2011.