ALRSAdmiralty List of Radio Signals
ALRSAlerting Service (aviation)
ALRSApache Leap Research Site
ALRSArgos Large Rocket Ships (Advanced Rocketry Group of Switzerland)
ALRSAlternate Launch & Recovery Surface
ALRSAutomated Logistics Retrieval System
ALRSAutomatic Line Router Switch
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Con respecto a las NLRs, son una familia de 23 proteinas codificadas en el genoma humano, las cuales contienen un dominio de union de nucleotidos y un dominio repetido rico en leucina (que incluye: NALP, NOD, PYPAF y CATERPILLER); hasta ahora, se han identificado 8 miembros de estas 23 proteinas con capacidad para formar los inflamasomas, a saber: la proteina NLRP1, la NLRP3, la NLRP6, la NLRP12, la NLRP2, la NLRC4, la ALR (receptor tipo AIM-2 o ausente en melanoma 2) y el sensor citoplasmatico RIG-1.
Personnel built an Alternate Launch and recovery System (ALRS)--a temporary runway--and then deliberately blew it up.
All airlift reactors (ALRs) consist of a gas sparged riser and a downcomer which is usually not sparged.
Animal Legal Reports Services (ALRS) Davidson, NC) has begun the publication of a new publication that offers short reports on animal cases drawn from all 50 states.
The plasmacytoid and the myeloid DC are antigen-presenting cells that detect pathogens through the expression of PRRs (pattern recognition receptors) [38], composed of TLR, RLRs (RIG-I-like receptors), NLR (Nod-like receptors), and ALRs (AIM2-like receptors) [39].
Although, it should be noted that recent work has shown IFI16 and other AIM2-like receptors (ALRs) are dispensable for detection of intracellular DNA and subsequent type IIFN production [38].
Several families of PRRs have been identified, including Toll-like receptors (TLRs), retinoic acid-inducible gene I-like receptors (RLRs), nucleotide binding domain-like receptors (NLRs), absent in melanoma-like receptors (ALRs), and DNA sensors [15-18].
We tested Mission's MXB-Sniper Lite, which is loaded with technologies and features such as the new dual SyncCam system, RS Tread riser, patent-pending Smart Guide Cable Slide, Adjustable Limb Retention System (ALRS), molded composite stock, BIAS rail and much more.
Although airlift reactors (ALRs) have been widely studied in the literature and many potential applications for various bioprocesses (Chisti, 1989) have been found, their proper design and scale-up still remain difficult.