ALS-TDFALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Therapy Development Foundation
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Hobler, Founder of ALS Hope and an ALS patient, said that he and his family decided to devote a significant portion of their wealth and resources to ALS-TDF because they believe the Boston-based nonprofit biotechnology company is poised to make a real difference in the fight against ALS.
Once a promising treatment option arises in the new state-of-the-art ALS Hope Drug Discovery Center, ALS-TDF will work with collaborators at academic institutions to perform rapid clinical trials and disseminate research results in real-time through the Center's unique Bioinformatics program.
In the short time since Stephen's diagnosis, ALS-TDF has provided a new level of theoretical understanding on the disease, conducted more transgenic mouse studies than those published in the last seven years of ALS research, engaged a number of pharmaceutical partners in paving a pathway from developing ALS therapies to patient care, and established a new paradigm for creating social value in a market-driven drug development system - all in the name of saving Stephen.