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ALS5Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 5
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FY11 Rank Severity 1 Aircraft logbook Inspection and TDs do not match OOMA/NALCOMIS 2 Personnel lack ORM knowledge and proper application 3 Outdated publications utilized by 1 maintenance personnel 4 Tool inventories not updated to reflect changes 5 Pre-expendable and spare parts bin lack proper accountability 6 Hydraulic fluid tag not fully documented and class 6 results not entered in logbook 7 Personnel introducing spark-producing items within ALS5 hazard area 8 Missing safety devices on shop equipment, 3 (i.e.
(32) (43) Endotactic PROP CLEFT FRONT SUBORDINATORS N = 154 Valency 1_11 +p+c f_VS van te cA = 1 +p-c f_DM in die/de zin dat1 cB = 1 1_00 +p-c f_DM (al)eer3; als3; als5; cC = 11 alsofl; alvorens2; of (alsof); om te3; tot (dat)3; voor(dat)5; vooraleer5; wanneer3 f_VS datl; of ...