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A concession holder has been selected for the mine Alsar. A Macedonian company with foreign capital will be carrying out detailed research of the mineral deposits at this site over the next two years.
Alsar, the world's only source of thallium and lorandite, is one of Macedonia most valuable natural treasures, estimated at some 1.5 billion euros.
Geologist Dimitar Mukaetov says that the mystical mine of Alsar in the region of Kavadarci should be turned into an attractive tourist destination where visitors will be able to see unique natural beauty.
In Santander, Spain, Vital Alsar was only fourteen years old when Kon-Tiki made headlines.
And for Alsar, the sea was "like one's first love, soft and Sweet, stormy and turbulent, forever unfathomable." He could not stay away.
The Government has announced a public invitation for bids for detailed geological investigation at more than 70 locations with mineral deposits in Macedonia, including the famous locality Majden, also known as Alsar near Kavadarci.
The mine Alsar has been registered as a monument of nature since 2004 and is part of the Emerald network for protection of natural beauties.
Serafimovski stresses that interesting are also the sites Alsar on Mt.