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: Framework agreement for creating, Delivering and placing alsb (general low-voltage boards).
AlSb is a promising semiconductor material (III- V family) for high temperature applications due to a large band gap especially for P-N junction diodes and transistors (Herczog et al, 1958; Singh and Bedi, 1998; Zheng et al, 2010).
From the work done earlier, it can be seen that the study of structural, morphological and electrical properties of AlSb with the variation of laser shots needs to be addressed.
AlSb samples were prepared by standard powder metallurgy method in stoichiometric ratio.
Finally, the active area is defined by chemical deep mesa isolation using HF/[H.sub.2][O.sub.2] solution to completely remove the AlSb buffer, leading to air-bridge gate.
Codron -L et al., "AlSb nucleation induced anisotropic electron mobility in AlSb/InAs HEMTs heterostructures on GaAs," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
The logical progression of this trend is to use pure InAs as channel along with the nearly lattice-matched Alsb and AlGaSb for the confining layers as arsenide's are not suitable barriers.
At least on paper, an HFET with a narrow InAs channel, confined not by GaAs but by AlSb, might lead another step towards higher speeds and even lower mm-wave noise properties.
: The contract consists mainly of the renewal of the transformer substation (10kV / 400kV), IkV substation, ALSB panels and LS panels in Tienen, in order to bring the electrical installations into conformity with the General Regulation of Electrical Installations (RGIE).
Kroemer, "The 6.1 A family (InAs, GaSb, AlSb) and its heterostructures: a selective review," Physica E, vol.
Contract notice: skirt for construction, delivery, installation and adjustment of alsb.
Framework agreement for the creation, delivery and installation of alsb (general low-voltage panels).