ALSETASC (US Army Sustainment Command) Logistic Support and Evaluation Team
ALSETAir Launch System Enabling Technology (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry; Japan)
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Allan Barry Laboucan, President and CEO of Alset said: We are making good progress towards an assessment of the potential of our salars in Mexico.
To finish a gruelling 24-hour race like that was real testament to the engineering teams at Aston Martin and Alset who developed the car.
"My sculptures reveal my personal relationship with shoes, the fascinating bond between women and shoes, the way they express femininity, their sense of fashion and their representation of the social status," said Ms Alset.
Ms Alset has a Bachelor's degree in graphic design from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University and worked as a graphic designer before she shifted towards sculpture and using iron as a medium for her artwork.
Ms Alset was chosen to showcase her work by Saks Fifth Avenue and Albareh Art Gallery due to a recent new trend of displaying art and fashion together.
Alset's Lightning Shield protects telecommunications and other electronic equipment installed in rural sites from the harmful ground currents caused by nearby lightning strikes.
TCT is also able to manage Lightning Shield remotely, using Alset's Remote Manager, communicating over SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).
Alset's Lightning Shield helps ensure uninterrupted service and high reliability, particularly for commercial grade broadband and backhaul services.
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Alset Energy Corp.,
Fertilizer components such as potassium and boron are found in Alsets Mexican salars and as such have the potential to compliment the efforts of Mexican farmers and their domestic needs.
Alset Global's CEO, Jose Ignacio Galindo, says : "With our Hybrid Hydrogen system we are providing a practical way to transition to the hydrogen economy.
Alset Global's VP of product management and technology, Thomas Korn, added : "Our system offers, dependent on tank size, a range of up to 250 km with zero CO2 emissions."