ALSGAdvanced Life Support Group (Manchester, England)
ALSGAplasia of Lacrimal and Salivary Glands
ALSGArabic Literature Study Group
ALSGAustralian Leukemia Study Group (oncology)
ALSGAmerican Leadership Study Groups (est. 1965)
ALSGAirport Logistic Services Group, Inc (Des Plaines, IL)
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Accounting for the various removals and duplications, the total number of points from each source were: GSMFC, 173; MMS, 3,172; NOS, 2,608; ALSG, 13,381; and TXSG, 12,004 (Table 1).
Contiki is already assisting one ALSG group, and is working out arrangements with others, report company officials.
He taught at the university level for a half-dozen years and co-founded one of the nation's premier student-travel organizations, Worcester-based ALSG, with Yale colleague, Dr.