ALSIAlps System Integration Co., Ltd. (Japan)
ALSIAluminum Silicon
ALSIAssociazione Nazionale Laureati in Scienze dell'Informazione ed Informatica (Udine, Italy)
ALSIAssociation of the Lebanese Software Industry
ALSIAdvantage Learning Systems, Inc. (stock symbol)
ALSIAlberta Life Sciences Institute (Canada)
ALSIAnalytical Laboratory Services, Inc. (est. 1979; Pennsylvania)
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We employ week time series of the closing prices of the all share index (ALSI), the Top 40 index (Top.40), the Industrial 25 Index (Ind.25) and the Resource 10 index (Res.10) and the effective federal fund rate.
Part was based on Entwistle, McCune, and Hounsell's (2003) Approaches to Learning and Studying Inventory (ALSI).
Liu, "In-situ synthesis of SiC particles by the structural evolution of TiCx in AlSi melt," Journal of Alloys & Compounds, vol.
In this paper we carry out a comparative analysis of Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood (ML) parameter estimates of the All Share Index (ALSI) at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).
The items in Part B were developed to measure the students' preferences for the learning environment that supports understanding or the learning environment that supports transmission of information.13 Approaches to Learning and Studying Inventory (ALSI)14 was devised to measure the students' approaches to learning, and was named Part C.
While the FTSE/JSE All Share Total Return Index (ALSI) had generated an average annual return of 17.1% over the 10 years to the middle of 2015, the report calculated that the South African PE sector generated an average annual return of 21.7%, based on the internal rate of return.
Tissue fluorescence was imaged on a confocal microscope (Alsi, Nikon).
Ms Marvi alsi took a round of various houses in Mohmand Agency to know about problems being faced by the people in receiving BISP stipends.
We alsi agreed with shareholders that profits will not be distributed for five years, in order to sustain the project's development.
The coating's anti-wetting properties can extend the longevity of silica rollers, which are typically subject to layers of AlSi 12 alloy layers forming on the surface.