ALSMAirborne Laser Swath Mapping (land survey)
ALSMAir-Launched Small Missile (US NASA)
ALSMAqualogic SOA Management
ALSMAllegheny Lutheran Social Ministries (Hollidaysburg, PA)
ALSMAcquisition Logistic Support Manager
ALSMAssociate, London School of Music
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C'est l'incident le plus significatif entre les deux Etats depuis l'operation militaire franco-espagnole, [beaucoup moins que]Ecouvillon[beaucoup plus grand que] contre l'Armee de liberation du Sud marocain (ALSM) qui s'est achevee sur la signature d'un accord entre Madrid et Rabat sur la retrocession de la province de Tarfaya, le 1eravril 1958.
The first stage of the ALSM will involve active dialogue, which entails explanations and discussions on the English meaning of scientific objects, theories and theories.
The ALSM, African Languages Scientific Manual, we submitted, can be produced in the relevant African languages using the Pragmatic-Approximating Process so that scientific objects, concepts and theories can be more meaningful and easier to understand for students and thereby aid the learning process and ignite the necessary creativity that would induce techno-scientific development in Africa.
Tickers featured: ALSM, CECO, COCO, DV, ECLG, ESI, LF, PQE, STRA, UOPX.
University of Florida engineering professor Dave Bloomquist and his colleagues use airborne laser swath mapping (ALSM) and ground-based scanning laser technologies to collect and analyze measurements.
The University of Florida was the first academic institution in the United States to purchase and operate an ALSM unit and has completed more than 25 research projects since its delivery in March 1999.
When the university got the call asking for assistance in collecting data, their ALSM system was not operational because it was about to be returned to the manufacturer for upgrades to increase the laser pulse rate.
It distinguished between gifts to men, which were to be reciprocated and which placed the receiver in debt, and gifts to God, or alsm.(32) These latter would also be reciprocated, but in the other world.