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A dedicated campsite will also be available for festival-goers and the organisers feel it will be best one yet.
Trade of many inland countries will also feel the impact of these expanded navigable openings; however, in this study we focus on coastal areas--the environments where NIS would be introduced initially, and from where these species would spread.
Although the empirical research on parallel entrepreneurs is limited (Westhead & Wright, 1998), Alsos and Kolvereid (1998) found that parallel entrepreneurs take a less hurried approach and have a higher probability of venture implementation than both novice and serial founders.
It also emerged that before the court order, Manduku had not assumed the MD's office and was operating from an office situated at the second container terminal.
Palestinian leaders also declared a general strike across the Palestinian territories.
But it also serves as a window for a hopefulness that Hitchcock was less willing to fathom.
Even though cultural affinity was applied to race discrimination, some scholars are inclined to believe that similar mechanisms are also in place in gender discrimination (Agier and Szafarz, 2013).
Also, by framing this as gender research, the authors generally avoid the trap of limiting their studies to women.
Further, all the key informants were also chosen based on the length of period they've been in business (i.e.
Alsos et al., (2014) endorse close affiliation with the local community in the case of family firms.
While there is a literature that explores differences between portfolio entrepreneurs and novice entrepreneurs (e.g., Alsos & Kolvereid, 1998; Westhead & Wright, 1998), and some discussion of the creation and maintenance of family dynasties (Jaffe & Lane, 2004), I found no specific operationalizations of how to measure the asset base for families that control multiple business and other resources.