ALSTHOMAlsace Thomson (French energy company)
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On May 2000, Alsthom bought out the ABB share for 1,250 Millions [euro] in cash, and consolidated its acquisition with a total goodwill of 3,953 Millions [euro] to be depreciated over 20 years.
Doug stayed within the department, moving to various jobs within it, during changes which saw the English Electric Company at Willans taken over by GEC under Lord Weinstock and then sold to the French company Alsthom, which became GEC Alsthom.
Two days before the Alsthom announcement, the Italian steel manufacturers, Danieli and Company, were awarded a contract worth $232 million to build a huge new steel plant in Khuzestan.
An Alsthom spokesman said: "At the moment we are still looking at trying to sell the carriages to prospective buyers in the UK and overseas."
Alcatel Alsthom's telecom division has selected Object Design's ObjectStore database management system to power its Management Platform.
Stone lifted the Staffordshire Division title following a crushing 9-1 win over bottom team GEC Alsthom.
EDF selected the 1,500-megawatt Arabelle steam turbine, designed by GEC Alsthom in Paris, to generate electricity from the steam produced by the N4 reactor.
The Euro Train system, led by Germany's Siemens AG and the British-French group GEC Alsthom, would use the German Inter City Express locomotive.
In contention are most of the well-known names in the microwave industry: France's Thomson-CSF, Alcatel Alsthom and Thomson SA; the UK's GEC and its RF and microwave manufacturing arm GEC-Marconi; Germany's Daimler-Benz Aerospace (Dasa) and Siemens; and several other smaller European finns.
Its joint venture with GEC Alsthom recently secured a $1.6 billion order, the biggest ever, from Virgin Trains for its London-Glasgow line.
Trains for the West Coast line will be assembled at GEC Alsthom's facility in Birmingham.
Virgin Rail said a consortium of Anglo-French GEC Alsthom and Fiat Ferrovia of Italy is the preferred bidder for the pounds 1billion order to supply tilting trains for the West Coast route.