ALTBMDActive Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defense
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Should the recommendations regarding the enhancement of radar coverage for NORAD over the Arctic go ahead, along with the enhancements discussed above for Europe's NATO membership, in the form of the ACCS and ALTBMD initiatives, the Alliance will arguably be fielding the world's most advanced air C2 systems by 2030.
NATO's ALTBMD architecture if it acquires an independent,
(48) Biraz daha acmak gerekirse, EPAA kapsaminda ABD, ALTBMD cercevesinde NATO'nun kazanmaya basladigi [C.sup.3] altyapisina paralel olarak 2011'den itibaren Avrupa denizlerine onleyici fuzeler tasiyan ABD savas gemileri, 2015'ten itibarense karada konuslu onleyici fuzeler konuslandirmayi ve bunlarin yeteneklerini yillar icerisinde hem tehdit seviyesinde, hem de teknolojideki gelismeler paralelinde artirmayi onermistir.
NATO zirvelerinde alinan bu iddiali karar ve aciklamalari bir kenara birakarak ALTBMD cercevesinde edinilmekte olan yetenekleri teknik yonuyle ele alirsak, NATO'nun fuze savunma alanindaki calisma ve hazirliklarinin gercek niteligi ve icerigi hakkinda farkli bir tablo ortaya cikmaktadir.
Aegis BMD and the MDA's C2BMC element have been fully involved in ALTBMD testing.
In Europe, plans are well along to provide robust territorial defense of European nations with ALTBMD and the EPAA.
A high level of commitment to international partnership on the parts of both the United States and its allies--already evinced by ALTBMD and C2BMC shared situational-awareness tests--will encourage interoperability initiatives.
Toward this end, individual NATO nations are already pursuing shorter range missile defense systems, and the Alliance, as described above, is developing the ALTBMD program to link them into an integrated command and control network.
A long-range defense system in Europe would be interoperable with current Alliance short-range defenses as well as NATO's ALTBMD program.
It is unclear whether, over the long term, political and operational considerations will allow Turkey to expect continued or improved protection from NATO's ALTBMD architecture if it acquires an independent, non-interoperable capacity in close cooperation with a potential U.S.
Is Turkey seeking a system that could cover potential territorial gaps in NATO's ALTBMD coverage?
The first, referred to as the Active Layered Theater Ballistic Missile Defense (ALTBMD), is designed to defend NATO-deployed forces against short- and mediumrange ballistic missiles.