ALTCAustralian Learning and Teaching Council (Chippendale, Australia)
ALTCAging and Long Term Care (Washington)
ALTCAutomatic Laser Target Classification
ALTCAdvanced Low Temperature Combustion
ALTCAparicio-Levy Technical Center (Tampa, Florida)
ALTCAutologous Lymphocyte Tumour-Cell Cultures (oncology)
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The ALTC ELN project (Duffy & Hibbert, 2014) offered several models for collaboration and interaction for students, regardless of geographical location, providing they had access to a computer and internet connection.
LRT ([chi square]) ([chi square]) Progenie -3050,9 2,39 (ns) 3150,4 1,62 (ns) Parcela -3043,5 9,78 ** 3474,0 325,25 ** Modelo completo -3053,3 3148,8 F (Bloco) 11,06 ** 40,32 ** ALTC DAP Efeito Dev.
The Department of Labor and Employment recently granted licensed recruitment agencies the authority to conduct the ALTC.
ALTC also offers a variety of course packages in the field of Information Technology (IT) as well as a range of Administrative, Financial and Technical courses including Project Management and many other courses related to the Oil and Gas industry.
Table 5 compares scores for the survey questions related to the 5-point parametric scale based on the ALTC conceptualisations.
The first and foremost stated deliverable in the TERRR Network application was the development of: Regional, rural and remote teacher education curriculum Teacher Guides for pre-service courses across four universities, based on the guidelines being developed by the parallel ALTC project "Renewing Rural and Regional Teacher Education Curriculum" (RRRTEC) that can be used by other universities.
He has received a number of awards, including a 2010 ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, the 2011 RACI Fensham Medal, and a 2012 University of Canterbury Visiting Erskine Fellowship.
Only two ALTC grants have directly considered career development and both have targeted higher education only.
This ALTC funded project aims to strengthen the capacity and credibility of universities to prepare rural, regional and remote educators, similar to the capacity and credibility that has been created in preparing Australia's rural, regional and remote health workers.
Saye will act as a Medical Director for the newly created ALTC VirtualLabs(tm) featured on the OASiS Touch-Access(tm) Information System.
Inclusive assessment: improving learning for all: a manual for improving assessment in accounting education, ALTC, Melbourne, Vic.