ALTCOAsean LNG Trading Company Limited
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Until then, each of Altco and BGGM had been taking 725,000 t/y of LNG from Damietta for spot sales to Lake Charles, South Korea and other destinations.
As a result of these agreements, Altco and BGGM have been committed to lift 22 cargoes of 138,000 CM of LNG between 2005 and end-2008.
ALTCO, which is a subsidiary of Petronas, signed a five year sale and purchase agreement with the plant consortium which actually sourced the gas from the Damietta plant.
Kuwait Food Bank Society (KFBS) has announced it has signed a deal with ALTCO (Quaker) to provide the bank with 1,000 food baskets including a range of Quaker products.
(ALTCO) which delivers spot and swap LNG cargoes to Belgium, India, Spain, Turkey and the USA.
Early cargoes from Train-2 had been lifted by BGGM and the Petronas unit Altco. The first cargo from Train-1 was lifted on May 22, 2005, by Altco onto Puteri Zamrud Satu, an LNG tanker owned by another Petronas unit, Malaysian International Shipping Corp.