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ALTEAssociation of Language Testers in Europe
ALTEApparent Life-Threatening Event
ALTEAlliant Energy (East)
ALTEAcute Life Threatening Event
ALTEAutomated Line Test Equipment
ALTEAltitude Transmitting Equipment
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Alte Schmiede is funded primarily by the cultural department of the city of Vienna, reflecting the strong tradition of government support for the arts in Austria.
Those with confirmed previous ALTE attack, gestational age <34 weeks at birth, congenital heart disease, neurological disorders, chronic lung disease or recurrent ALTE were excluded.
BRUE has been proposed to replace the term ALTE for an unexplained witnessed event as defined above.
The most common causes of ALTE (in descending order) are gastroesophageal reflux, seizure disorder, and lower respiratory tract infection.
Scopul acestui studiu este evidentierea aspectelor bio-psiho-sociale ale pacientilor internati nonvoluntar intr-un spital de psihiatrie din judetul Iasi, pacienti diagnosticati cu "schizofrenie sau alte tulburari psihotice", conform criteriilor ICD-10.
This partnership will allow ALTe's fleet customers to be able to take their vehicle to a Manheim operating location and Manheim will retrofit their light trucks and vans with an ALTe series plug-in electric hybrid powertrain.
Articolul 38 Dreptul de a fi ales in Parlamentul European In conditiile aderarii Romaniei la Uniunea Europeana, Elena Basescu, Gigi Becali si, in mod exceptional alte persoane, au dreptul de a alege si de a fi alesi in Parlamentul European.
The study's authors state, "After a thorough investigation, no other presumptive causes for ALTE were found among the 11 infants." They then go on to caution that there should be" ...
ALTE was defined by the 1986 National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference on Infantile Apnea and Home Monitoring as follows:
Conditions implicated in the causes of ALTE syndrome may be idiopathic, digestive, neurologic, respiratory, cardiac, and endocrine or metabolic (Khan, 2003).
More than 1,600 fans have given 75,000 hours of free labour to make sure the Alte Foersterei ground is ready for next season's Bundesliga 2 campaign.
A 6-month follow-up found that 13 of the original 313 patients did suffer a recurrent ALTE, in most cases again due to GERD.