ALTHAAcute Long Term Hospital Association
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Includes articles by Ana Maria Alonso, Ruth Behar, Emma Cervone, Altha J.
Presenting readers with a different perspective of the Great Depression, author Altha Murphy draws on her own experiences as a young girl at the time of the Depression to produce the inspiring book 'Naked Ears: A Child's-Eye View of the Great Depression'.
When Deep Purple Falls by Lynn Whittick, Dean Arndt, Bob Gallagher, Edith Asbury, Amelia Svendsen, Shirley Uhailik, Thelma Clinnard, John Wayne Clinnard, Bob Linehan, Jo Fox, Marcelle Ades, Stephanie Miller, Nina Rouse, Kathleen Lenz, Hilda Franklin, Ginnie Anderson, Dorothy Reinig, Doris Scates, Lorraine Zeigler, Ellen Antal, Pat Barrett, Marian Frances, Altha Mirtle, Emmi Carman, Nina Rohr, Susan McCoy, Ruth Adair, Marguerite Reinhart, Muriel Lipeles, Pat Ulrich, Shirley Luke, Peggy Dare, Anne Rose, David Lu, Al Young, Margaret Sangster, and Jack Damm, MBK Senior Living
All questions or requests for clarification must be in writing, sent by e-mail, and directed to the attention of Altha Riley, at altha.
Streep herself has a small role as reverend's wife Altha Carter and you'll do well to recognise James Spader as Aloysious Duffy.
Seymour - Altha Edna Seymour, 88, of Alpine, died May 28.
He is the grandson of Altha Holmes and the late Hilton Holmes, Sr.
Altha school students in Jackson County hosted Justice Harry Lee Anstead during Constitution Week.
In addition, he has served on multiple boards, including Genezen Healthcare, where he was Chairman, and ALTHA.
WASHINGTON -- ALTHA, the Washington-based trade association for Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospitals, announced today that two hospital executives have recently been appointed to the ALTHA Board of Directors: Mr.
WASHINGTON -- The ALTHA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the election of Phillip B.