ALTICAluminum-Titanium-Carbon (common substrate material for microelectronics)
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To create the pattern of the etching mask on the AlTiC substrate, the wafer was processed with a conventional photolithography process.
Then, the patterned AlTiC substrate (which had a tapered profile with the sidewall at an angle of 65[degrees]) was prepared for the polymer redeposition.
In a conventional reactive ion system, AlTiC, which is used as the base substrate/wafer with a patterned wet film photo resistance (with a thickness of approximately 20 [micro]m), is placed on an electrode that is powered by a 13.56 MHz RF generator.
We prepared the polymer redeposition on a patterned AlTiC substrate with these etching conditions for 900 minutes to make sure that the size of the redeposition material was big enough to get a signal from the attenuated total reflected infrared spectroscopy and visible Raman spectroscopy analysis.
The morphology of the bulk (the redeposition material) appears ribbon-like and adheres to the sidewall, while AlTiC's surface regions of two different step heights are etched by the plasma and then present high surface roughness.
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