ALTMSAirborne LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Topographic Mapping System (sensors)
ALTMSAirborne Laser Terrain Mapping System
ALTMSAutomated Library Technical Manual System
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After statistical analysis of results (7), participants receive a report giving an All-Laboratory Trimmed Mean (ALTM) and Standard Deviation (SD) for each sample.
With the exception of the Nichols automated procedure, the mean bias of 25OHD methods over this period was within 7% of the ALTM. Plots of percentage bias vs ALTM (not shown) revealed that in the IDS EIA, bias increased with concentration, whereas bias was decreased slightly in the Nichols assay at higher concentrations.
Linear regression analysis was performed to define the relationship between method means and the ALTM (x); the results were as follows (correlation coefficients in parentheses): DiaSorin = 0.97x + 0.64 nmol/L (r = 0.99); IDS RIA = 0.98x - 1.13 nmol/L (r = 0.99); IDS EIA (all results) = 1.28x - 9.02 nmol/L (r = 0.95); IDS EIA (results <80 nmol/L) = 1.06x - 1.82 nmol/L (r = 0.96); HPLC = 0.98x + 2.15 nmol/L (r = 0.96); Nichols = 1.1x + 8.7 nmol/L (r = 0.90).