ALTTOAdjuvant Lapatinib and/or Trastuzumab Treatment Optimisation
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McCullough AE, Dell'Orto P, Reinholz MM, et al: Concordance of HER2 central assessment by two international central laboratories: A ring study within the framework of the adjuvant HER2-positive ALTTO trial (BIG2-06/N063D/ EGF106708).
This trial, dubbed ALTTO (Adjuvant Lapatinib and-or Trastuzumab Treatment Optimization study), will be one of the first global initiatives in which two large, academic breast cancer research networks covering different parts of the world have jointly developed a study in which all care and data collection are standardized, regardless of where patients are treated.
About 8,000 people in 50 countries will be given either one of the drugs or a combination of both in a trial dubbed ALTTO.