ALTVAssociation of Local Television Stations
ALTVApproach and Landing Test Vehicle
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Another vehicle from the Renault Trucks Defense group, the ALTV has been developed by Acmat on a Nissan chassis.
The two companies presented an ALTV vehicle configured for border surveillance at Milipol 2011 and a digitised version of the VAB Mk3 at Eurosatory 2012.
Borrowers with low ALTVs have access to more efficient refinance options than those with high ALTVs," notes Hunter Wolcott in his June 1993 publication "Predicting & Understanding Regional Mortgage Prepayments" (RF/Spectrum Decision Science Corp.
During the one-day ALTV conference and the subsequent three-day NATPE event, there were ten parties, three of which featured Las Vegas' trademark Elvis impersonators.
Differentiation by region, ALTV, loan type and age is fundamental and easy.
The NAR also publishes home sales price data, which can be used together with loan-level portfolio data to calculate ALTVs.
With ALTV joining LATV, the company's consolidated programming assets and its extensive web strategy give advertisers a unique ability to combine the reach of established broadcast syndication with the frequency of a rapidly-growing digital broadcast network," said Mr.
ALTV produces, markets and distributes high-quality, award-winning, original content focusing on U.
ALTV enters its fourth season with carriage on English-language stations in over 90 cities.
For the first time, LatiNation will be teamed up with ALTV in over 60 markets, creating a powerful one-hour block of culturally relevant programming targeted to U.
Nasdaq: SKTV), the nation's sixth largest television group, will join ALTV effective August 1, 1996.
ALTV Chairman Kevin O'Brien and President Jim Hedlund said, "Silver King's decision is an affirmation of the work ALTV has been doing here in Washington on behalf of local TV stations.