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ALUFAccord de Licence de l'Utilisateur Final (French: End User License Agreement)
ALUFAlbert-Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg (German: Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg; Freiburg, Germany)
ALUFAnalog Line Unit Frame
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Aluf Holdings said the market position and technological strength of Colotraq will make this acquisition significant to the company's long-term growth strategy with a particular focus on IT Infrastructure, Data Centre and Cloud Services.
Aluf's selections for private labeling include a premium line of bags designed to carry heavier loads while resisting punctures, and a value line with minimal packaging.
Aluf is a certified woman-owned business, run by Susan Rosenberg, that opened shop in October 1977, first in Clifton, N.J., then Edison, N.J.
Rau Aluf Gabi Ashkenazi, Naval Forces Commander Vice Adm.
For graduate or advanced undergraduate students in electronics, electronic engineering, physics, or mathematics, Aluf explains explicit procedures for applying general mathematical representations of optoisolation circuits to particular research problems.
Radio Israel quoted Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force Major-General Aluf Amir Eshel as saying this morning that the Air Force will counter any attempt to transfer advanced weapons from the hands of the Syrian regime to any terrorist organization.
Israel Spy Scandal and Press Censorship Aluf Benn of Hretz explains that ordinarily, Israeli journalists can get around censorship by quoting foreign press sources.
Aluf Benn, editor of Israel's left liberal Ha'aretz newspaper, said Israeli security authorities and judges who issue gag orders at their request find it hard to come to terms with the concept of a free media operating in a democracy.
(5.) See Aluf Benn, Influence of Israeli Arabs, Haredim on Israeli Society Spells End of Mandatory IDF Service, HAARETZ, July 3, 2012, news/national/influence-of.israeli-arabs-haredim-on-israeli-society-spells-end-of-mandatoryidf-service-1.448570 (discussing the Tal Law's implications for Israeli national identity); Jodi Rudoren, Israeli Identity Is at the Heart of a Debate on Service, N.Y.
Shortly after the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, Aluf Benn, the editor-in-chief of Haaretz, wrote a column titled "Mubarak's departure thwarted Israeli strike on Iran." (1) His argument was that the Arab Spring had fundamentally transformed the geopolitics of the Middle East ushering "in a new era of uncertainty for the entire region, and for Israel in particular." (2) His observation is an astute one as it both draws attention to linkages between different conflicts in the Middle East as well as highlighting how the spread of democracy has forced a reassessment of national security priorities by countries across the region.