ALUTApproximated Look up Table
ALUTAdvanced Look up Table
ALUTOpen Al Utility
ALUTAdaptive Look up Table
ALUTAdaptive Look-Up Tables
ALUTAssociate of Loughborough University of Technology (UK)
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Alut, who placed second, said that participating in the Davao Quiz inspired her as a future architect.
ALUTs (bits) (MHz) M1 Cyclone V 58 896 1 271.96 Stratix IV 59 896 2 284.82 M2 Cyclone V 76 10240 1 269.98 Stratix IV 96 10240 2 292.91 M3 Cyclone V 88 464 3 282.73 Stratix IV 176 464 5 311.43 M4 Cyclone V 128 189 3 278.86 Stratix IV 236 189 6 298.69 M5 Cyclone V 207 216 2 277.09 Stratix IV 395 216 4 310.37 Method Mean Error x [10.sup.-5] M1 1.01 M2 0.39 M3 1.33 M4 1.32 M5 1.24
The throughput improvement in M4 is obtained at the cost of a high complexity (9.8 % of more Adaptive Look-up Tables (ALUTs) and 9 x of more multipliers).
BIRMINGHAM City chairman David Gold was last night preparing for alut war with Leicester City over manager Trevor Francis.
With the potent forward line of Kevin Phillips, Allan Johnston and Niall Quinn ready to launch an alut assault on Albion's frail back-line, armchair fans could be in for a Hawthorns ding-dong.
Their mutual aim is invention and alut pace is their intention.
When Dutch starts to play dirty, Bumpy is forced into a dangerous alliance with Luciano, setting the scene for an alut explosion in the Underworld.
In the coming weeks we shall discover whether the G7 finance ministers and central bankers have quietly agreed to cut interest rates round the world in a concerted effort to stifle any such process at the outset - though if the Japanese do more than the finest tuning their already stricken banks will be alut paying people to take the money away.
RAIL chiefs are on the way to scooping a pounds 1 million jackpot following an alut blitz on ticket dodgers.
But he tried to limit his embarrassment, using legalistic definitions to argue that his encounters with Ms Lewinsky did not amount to alut sex.
PRIME Minister Tony Blair is to declare alut war on the international gangsters who trade in the misery of migrants.
But almost in the same breath the President sought to limit his embarrassment, using legalistic definitions to argue that his encounters with Miss Lewinsky did not amount to alut sex.