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ALVArvonlisävero (Finnish: value added tax)
ALVAvian Leukosis Virus
ALVAndorra La Vella (capital of Andorra)
ALVAutonomous Land Vehicle
ALVAlvin, Texas
ALVAnnual Lease Value (automobiles)
ALVAmicale Laïque de Voiron (French sports organization; Voiron, France)
ALVAsta La Vista
ALVApplication List Viewer
ALVAutomatic Licence Verification (UK)
ALVAir Launched Vehicle
ALVAdvanced Launch Vehicle
ALVArea of Landscape Value
ALVAvailable Lysine Value
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ALV produce tumor syndrome, immunosuppression, retarded growth, less egg weight, decreased fertilization, decrease in egg production and hatching rate (Guo et al.
2% aa sequence identity of env genes in all ALV isolates compared with the HPRS-103 strain (5).
Le nombre maximal des ALV installes dans les bars passe de 10 a 7 par permis.
Volume I focused upon the concept of the Academy, expanding upon the title of the ALV journal itself Volume II was dedicated to Leonardo and sculpture, volume III to Leonardo and the moderns, volume IV to Leonardo and the antique.
The current system ASAL for disbursement of ALV services has to be replaced, as extensions are only possible with restrictions, many unconverted requirements exist, and the objectives of the ALV with the current solution can no longer be achieved.
Based on the negative results of these tests, we hope to finally put to rest all speculations and reaffirm Tim's untarnished reputation and good moral standing,' ALV said.
We used serologic and molecular methods to analyze specimens from 206 recipients of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine for evidence of infection with ALV and EAV.
NYSE:ALV) (STO:ALIVSDB) (NYSE: ALV and SSE: ALIV SDB) - the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems - today announced the settlement of all of its remaining Equity Units, resulting in an increase of the number of outstanding shares to approximately 95.
From left): Joy Marcelo, senior talent manager; Simoun Ferrer, VP of TDMD; Danielle Lee; David Licauco; and ALV Talent Circuit president Arnold Vegafria.
Some 45 years ago, it was found that apparently healthy hens could transmit avian leukosis virus (ALV) vertically in eggs (4); later it was demonstrated that live virus vaccines made in CEF were contaminated with infectious ALV (5).
NYSE:ALV)(STO:ALIVSDB)(NYSE: ALV and SSE: ALIV) - the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems - today announced that it has elected Dr.
The ALV, a program of the GPF, aims to build model communities by providing solar-powered lamps to villages without electricity enabling school children to have enough time to study and to be productive citizens contributing to the community's development.