ALVCAdvanced Low-voltage CMOS Technology (family of logic integrated circuits)
ALVCAbundant Life Victory Church (Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, Canada)
ALVCArrhythmogenic Left Ventricular Cardiomyopathy
ALVCAfferent Lymph Veiled Cell
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With the introduction of our dual-band vertical ALVC antennas, we are continuing to assist our customers in enhancing their services, lowering costs and improving network performance through the implementation of leading-edge wireless infrastructure solutions.
Powerwave's dual-band vertical ALVC antennas support frequencies ranging from 824-896MHz and 1850-1990MHz for cellular and PCS networks.
Our ALVC products offer designers and the purchasing community a dependable new source for these very popular products.
All the new ALVC and ALVCH devices are offered in the space-saving TSSOP surface-mount package.
Solidifying itself as a leader in the low voltage logic market, Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) today released 45 new ALVC devices and immediately priced the new family below competitive products.
Fairchild's line of 45 ALVC devices are 100 percent compatible with existing ALVC specifications, including fast, 3 ns prop delays at 3.
Building on its reputation for innovation, Fairchild has enhanced its ALVC product family to offer designers devices both with and without bushold.
Fairchild's solutions allow designers to choose between utilizing the bushold function for traditional designs, or increasing power savings by selecting ALVC devices without bushold.