ALVTAdvanced Low Voltage Technology
ALVTAortico-Left Ventricular Tunnel (congenital heart anomaly)
ALVTAdvanced Low-Voltage Technology
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First, there are receptive vocabulary size tests like the Vocabulary Levels Test (Nation 1983, 1990), The Yes/No Vocabulary Test (Meara and Buxton 1987; Meara and Jones 1990), The Revised Edition of the Vocabulary Level Test (Schmitt, Schmitt and Clapham 2001) and ADELEX Levels Vocabulary Test (ALVT) (Lopez Mezquita 2003, 2005) that are valid.
These devices are designed for medium-slot, medium- and heavily-loaded backplanes, fully support live insertion and can increase data backplane throughput by 100% to 300% over traditional logic, such as ABT, FCT, LVT, ALVT, LVC and FutureBus+ according to the company.