ALVWAdjusted Loaded Vehicle Weight
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Avaliaram-se o tempo de amassado (TMA), forca (ALVW) e extensibilidade (ALVPL) da massa.
En el mixografo se uso absorcion variable para determinar tiempo de amasado, y en el alveografo se empleo absorcion variable (50-55%), con base en la dureza del grano (Pena et al., 2004) para determinar fuerza de masa W (ALVW) y la relacion tenacidad/extensibilidad P/L (ALVPL).
The LV was also correlated with ALVW but was significant only at two N levels; r = 0.62(*), 0.52, and 0.64(*) at the 75, 150, and 300 N levels, respectively.
The SDS-S was the most robust measure of LV compared with GPC, FPC, ALVW, or ALVPG.
Interactions between cultivar and N for SDS-S, ALVW, and LV (Table 1) were due to a differential response of the cultivars to N application.