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ALWAndrew Lloyd Webber
ALWApple Laser Writer
ALWAssisted Living Waiver (various states)
ALWAdvanced Laboratory Workstation
ALWAssisted Living Workgroup
ALWAirlift Wing
ALWWalla Walla, WA, USA (Airport Code)
ALWAverage Live Weight
ALWAir Launched Weapon
ALWAir-Land Warfare
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18 15 20 1 19 = 73 * 15 16 5 18 1 = 55 */128 divided by 10 (letters) = ALW 12.
I think the biggest achievement of the ALW was that it brought together organizations, many of which had never been in the same room before.
Most ALW confectionery conditioners correspond to the Kosher and Halal, norms.
ALW ending a discussion on Cats by arguing that a musical about dogs would never work (some people - not me - might point out here that Viva Forever has just had its run extended).
The ALW report also recommends the creation of a Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL) to continue the MW's work, collect data, and develop outcomes.
In our view, the ALW recommendations, taken as a whole, give insufficient attention to the principles of consumer choice and state flexibility.
An upgraded version of the ALW liquids weigher has features designed to significantly improve the accuracy of liquids weighing and batch separation, according to the company.
He is simply the president and CEO of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) and, as such, has a place at the ALW table; and
This supplier of plant automation systems for rubber and plastic compounders has developed the ALW liquid weigher, said to be a reliable, precision weighing system used to improve the accuracy of liquid additives being used by compounders in both industries.
Under the terms of the Company's license, the ALW Partnership, the owners of the Visicol(R) patent, shall receive a royalty from InKine in the amount of $300,000 as a result of the Zeria milestone payment.
NIACE, the organisation that runs ALW, is building up an online calendar of events at http://www.
Similar accuracy levels can also be achieved on the company's high accuracy ALW liquid weigher and the LPW polymer weigher.