ALWCAccelerated Low Water Corrosion
ALWCAbundant Life Worship Center (Whippany, NJ)
ALWCAustin Living Wage Coalition (Austin, TX)
ALWCAdvanced Low Water Corrosion
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The ALWC also takes stock of the initiatives that have emerged since 2013.
To discuss the challenges and prospects of realising living wages in the textile and garment sector in Asia, the Pakistani Government, in close collaboration with the Government of the Netherlands and the Government of Germany has organized the Asian Living Wage Conference (ALWC).
The ALWC highlights the importance of tripartite dialogue in textile producing countries and links this approach to the supply chain initiatives of buyers.
The corrosion rate under ALWC is far worse than in other regions of the immersed zone--typically from 0.3mm to 2mm/wetted side/year compared to 0.08mm to 0.17m/wetted side/year for the inertial low water zone.
BAC Corrosion Control has been working with engineering firm MottMacDonald to develop a technology called LATreat which can be used on local areas where ALWC occurs or as a preventative measure.
Firstly, the metal is cleaned using cathodically generated hydrogen, which removes the aggressive surface foulant characteristic of ALWC. Sterilisation is then achieved using anodically generated chlorine, a known biocide.
The ALWC will be a 2-day conference with around 150 participants, most notably high level government officials from the host country Pakistan, Asian countries and OECD governments as well as international brands, manufacturers, trade unions and other stakeholders.