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BRAVE singer-songwriter Aly Hipkins is desperately searching for a cure - after being diagnosed with one of the world's rarest cancers at the age of just 20.
Aly is an extremely accomplished person with an impressive and imposing range of achievements and interests.
Club colleague Andrew PearClub colleague Andrew Pearson picked up second with a son picked up second with a time of 1:58:05, overtaking Aly time of 1:58:05, overtaking Aly Dixon in the closing stages, Dixon in the closing stages, who came in after 1:59:36.
Aly said: "I've always enjoyed competing, and Go the Extra Mile Day is a fantastic way for schools to enjoy some healthy rivalry and at the same time raise awareness of ways we can all make better choices about how we travel to and from school."
Aly Energy Services also announced a private placement of some 12.4m shares, priced at USD0.55 apiece, which is seen to provide an aggregate of some USD6.83m in cash proceeds to be used for acquisitions and other purposes.
"It's not so much her speed; it's all technique with Aly. In order to beat people, you have to have perfect technique and she has it.
"This also helps to educate the market better and offer our products in the right way to the market," adds Aly.
Aly explained that although most journalists believe that media is about discovering and reporting the truth, his view was that "media is subject to many assumptions that create what is referred to as stereotypes".
Even visits such as this of Aly's, is meant to enhance cooperation between UAE and Australian Muslims, he said.
Join Aly and the crew on June 29, 2013 at for the grand opening and celebrate simple and eco friendly living.